Comment: It's not Luciferians aye?

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It's not Luciferians aye?

It's the synagogue of Satan.

I love that Rys2Sense is now getting pissed about the whole self worshiping Luciferian thing. ALEX IS TOO.

Alex Jones wants to talk about "Satanists", not self worship, because that's what Alex Jones offers people; self worship, and it starts by getting his listeners to believe they're surrounded by chemically lobotomized retards and sheep, something less than them, and that they need to awaken to the power inside them...

It's kinda of like the NAZI swastika and the power of symbolism. Fear the symbol, but embrace everything it represents. It's a way peddling fear without offering people understanding.

I can smell their fear from here, and they should be afraid. For all I care, they can just bitch slap each other in hell for all eternity fighting over which one of them is God today.