Comment: Two words: Envy and Ignorance

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Two words: Envy and Ignorance

and my generation is full of both.

There's many different reasons why the young are turning to socialism. Here are just four:

1. Rebellion: It makes young adults feel good if they can convince themselves they are intellectually and morally superior to their elders. Most older people lived through the Cold War and vehemently oppose socialism. It therefore makes them feel good to convince themselves that "old farts" just don't know what socialism is.

2. Academia: The public school system is biased in favor of the New Deal and Great Society. From 1st grade through college, American students are fed straight-up propaganda.

3. Media: It doesn't matter if its a national news network, Hollywood movies, or PBS documentaries, the media in this country has been ardently pro-socialism since the 1930s. It has always had a minimal impact on public opinion, but, the reason why it's finally CAPTURING public opinion today is because so many voters today grew up in single-parent homes, with mothers who had to work two jobs just to make ends meet, so, the kids did not have quality time with their parents, so, there was no counter-balance to combat the anti-family, anti-individualism, pro-government propaganda they got in school.

4. Fairness: This goes back to the break up of the family unit. As an entire generation grows up either in broken homes, partially broken homes, or around a bunch of kids that grow up in broken homes, when they grow up, their attitude toward the government will tend to be similar to a child's attitude toward his parents. A child expects his parents to (1)provide for him, (2)make sure his brothers and sisters treat him fairly, and (3)let him do what he wants. Those that think millennials are more libertarian than other previous generations draw that conclusion from number (3) and ignore numbers (1) and (2).