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44 Years Ago

I enterred into the facility in answer to a draft notice where they intended to draft me and make me a soldier. Two years earlier I had tried to enlist but they found something in my medical record they didn't like (resolved shortly thereafter). Then I started listening to Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. After that I took a trip to Europe and in Berlin, Leningrad, and Istanbul (to name a few), out from under the propaganda machines in this country, I got a very different view of my beloved country. Our countries lies and deceit regarding Vietnam were just like Iraq, Libya, and Iran today but I did not fully understand that as a 21 year old.

What I did that day, I do not regret.

I confronted them. I spoke the truths that I knew. I SPOKE MY HEART.

There was nothing they could do or say that would dissuade me. Finally they declared I was insane and I left a FREE MAN

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.