Comment: This is what does not make sense to me

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This is what does not make sense to me

What do you mean Ayn Rand was a fake? She was never in congress, maybe she wrote her books for entertainment, but does that mean they cannot be helpful to some libertarian ideas?

I've shared this story here already, I'll do it again.

I received a public school education where I was indoctrinated into the idea that socialism can work. When I was 16 I seriously asked my libertarian Dad who voted for Ron Paul 20 years ago what was wrong with socialism because I thought it sounded so nice. Two years later I read Atlas Shrugged and Ayn Rand explained to me what was wrong with socialism. Atlas Shrugged allowed me to look at economics and the market place from a completely different point of view. Atlas Shrugged illustrated to me why governments should have very little role in the market place. So, what do you mean she was a fake? I shouldn't look at her writing as influential and possible ideological catalyst for someone else simply because she did not believe everything Ron Paul believed in?