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I must say,,,

Your post almost felt like you had stolen the words from me and I was reading a historical timelapse of my own journey. It is pretty 'right on' to the accuracy of what you are saying and I cannot be more glad to have someone know what I feel.

Have you heard of Binaural Beats? It was Heinrich Wilhelm Dove who discovered it in the 1800's but I have been youtube audiory meditation videos in which frequency overlap creates brain stimulation... I use the "Eternal Om" to wake up in the morning and other various videos to fall asleep... it's pretty incredible to lucid dream with enhanced stimulation - it's almost TOO deep and you cannot remember so well.

For me, I have a photographic memory so all of my visual perceptions are near permanent in nature. So lucid dreaming, once becoming aware of welcoming dreamscapes, has opened my awareness to incredible levels on both the conscious and subconscious levels.

About a month back, Septemeber 25th around 2:20pm i had this overwhelming sensation overcome my entire existence. I was heavy breathing, heart pumping, sweating, crying, and full of absolute excitement all in a matter of moments. Leading up to this, my mother whom is devoutly Christian had visited me in California.. for a week we talked and studied over the Bible and the end times and what we are facing today.. i showed her my ideas and even the David Icke "Five Sense Conspiracy"... as I walked her through this, I was arrogant to say "THIS IS WHAT'S GOING ON" and my mother and i argued, and argued, and argued.. until the answers came.. and we both understood.. a few days after she left on the 22nd.. it became the 25th and i had this awakening.. where i realized the esoteric agenda and true christianity.. i understood the differences in ideological principles and how society is so completely blind to the beauty that makes us human.... it was a week later, around 3am when i layed awake in bed.. thinking about the brain and ancient cultures when the full idea made connection.. i drew an image of an ancient skull in section and compared the possible pineal gland differences and it made perfect sense...

I googled several historians and told them of my idea.. none had a word to say.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.