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You are making all kinds of

You are making all kinds of assumptions as you proclaim that I have no chance whatsoever. You don't know me or my State. You have no idea what kind of influence I have in SC politics and if I have any strings to pull. You are also assuming Davis is better because he been studying the Austrain school for a few months. I have spoken at the same events with Davis and I can assure that I can hold my own. I amazed at all the arm chair quarterbacking and how you are so confident that you know exactly how everything is going to turn out. Graham is the MOST powerful GOP operative in SC and going against him is a huge risk for Davis, who is a career politician. I am not and I am successful without needed a government job. How do you know that Davis is even going to do it. Yet you are all over the place posting that I don't have a chance and go Davis go. Do you think we haven't thought about what we are doing here? Do you think that we don't talk with other Liberty people in our State for a plan? The reality is that the liberty faction has little to no influence in SC, so you declaring against us is irrelevant. But it is a bit disturbing to see the same Romney tactics within the self proclaimed Ron Paul community. Finally, I will bring the Libertarians, Davis will not. All he has left is the 100 or so liberty people in the State. The Tea Party here voted for Gingrich, so forget them. We have an exploratory meeting on the 12th and we will discuss your concerns. If the "take over" GOPers and the Libertarians cannot get on the same page, then we can assume we will always lose to Big Government types. I am sick of the superior attitudes and lack of support, I can tell you, but it won't stop me. It amazing to me the moment that we openly declare to take on one of the most powerful NeoCons in the Government, people like you come out and discourage us. What would you have me do? Wait till Davis' team finishes putting out feelers and decides not to run? I am not GOP and don't give a damn what they do; if it looks like we really will put Graham back in office; then obviously we will reasses. Until then, don't support us, but stay out of the way.