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Comment: Socialism is about the collective good

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Socialism is about the collective good

Socialism is all about the collective good. Liberty is all about individual rights. This country was founded on the principle that individuals are endowed by their creator with unalienable rights. Once the collective good rises to prominence, you need people to decide what the collective good is. They decide for everyone because obviously the collective good must be the same for everyone. Liberty cannot exist with any form of socialism.

Schools are basically an arm of the state to train children to support the state. If you attended public schools any time since the 30s, you have been indoctrinated in socialism. John Dewy the father of modern education said the role of government school is to train children to take their place in a collective society.

The rows of chairs with regular bells, sharing crayons and sharing assignments, peer pressure, values clarification, discussions designed to shame dissenters, - all are designed to indoctrinate children in socialism. We must abolish government education if we want to abolish socialism. - Ron Paul was right to want to end the department of education.