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Believe me, I understand it better than you give me credit.

"once [Rand] is where he needs to be...he will move back" and "[Rand] is simply gaming for position". It's the don't you know Rand is a Trojan Horse argument. The belief is that this tactic of rolling in the mud with pigs is necessary to win the White House and is a prerequisite for "real change".

I know already. I get it! This has been THE argument for Rand all along that I've addressed here a few times before. And whether you believe me or not I honestly and sincerely can appreciate where Rand fans are coming from. Thus my "NEED to understand" it's necessary and all part of a larger plan is not the issue. Not with me at least. The issue as I see it is that we simply have a strong disagreement about the fundamental strategy. It is my position that it's deeply flawed and unnecessary. And if you can indulge me I'll try to explain...

First, believing Rand as a Trojan Horse to fool the enemy into gaining the White house before revealing the true agenda I feel is being naïve. I don't buy for one second that we're so smart to know what's really up while those dumb suckers (i.e. establishment, neocons & RINOs etc.) haven't a clue. Do they not know who Rand's father is, use the internet or know that we exist? Naaah... I give the enemy more credit.

Besides, consider the following: If the Trojan Horse tactic appears to be working it will cast doubt within the Liberty movement and further fracture it more than it already has. But if the Trojan Horse tactic isn't convincing enough it too will backfire with the target. That's the problem when you play the game – you entangle yourself in the terrible web you've weaved. With that approach you can guarantee some percentage loss of credibility.

And I know what you're thinking, "So what? As long as Rand's credibility catches favor with the majority voters and he becomes President." After all it's all part of the game, right?

And that brings me to part two on why I feel the Trojan Horse strategy won't work and why it's completely unnecessary.

Playing the game is losing steam FAST because the game has changed, forever and for the better. Case in point... Ron Paul has been around for decades, spewing the same message without compromise (i.e. not playing the game). So what caused his drastic popularity and support just in this relatively infinitesimal period of time? We all know the answer is because of the internet. Just our being here is self-evident of that fact.

The internet has changed all the rules. Real change is not only happening, it's exploding when you view it in the proper context. The world is now communicating unlike never before in history. And liberty being the path of truth and righteousness will continue to snowball in popularity while the ancient corrupt game of politics is in rapid decline. I personally believe the world is at the precipice for radical change.

Thus by Rand "playing the game" I feel he is positioning himself on the wrong side of the fence. Every contradiction, change in position or show of support for political gain will be added to his permanent record for the world to scrutinize.

I suppose only time will tell which one of us is right.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.