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Nikola Tesla

I have been wondering when a headline with Tesla's name would appear on the DP?? As an electrical contractor and electrical engineering major, Tesla is a man I have admired and studied in awe for quite some time.I would be remiss however, if I did not state that absolutely none of my knowledge of this genius electrical engineer has been provided by my indoctrinated public education that I received from K through 12. Quite the opposite, actually ! I did not even know Tesla existed until I was 26 years old.And I then discovered him quite by accident when a song by the band Tesla came on the radio and the DJ informed me that they were named after " some guy that invented motors or something". I was intrigued and dug a little deeper and came to find out that American history has selectively excluded Nikola Tesla ! I had to know why? Honestly, I still don't really understand it all, but suffice it to say that Thomas Edison was a very egotistical man who did not take well to being bested at anything.And Tesla bested Edison at everything. Without his contributions to the field of electrical engineering, life as we know it today would not be possible. No computers, no cell phones, no alternating current electrical systems to transmit electrical energy over long distances, no polyphase induction motors to drive industry, and the list goes on and on.But Tesla was on to alot more and when he died penniless and broken, the Feds took everything he had been working on and most likely, that is why drone technology today is possible. Tesla was a very gentle man however and his inventions were never nefarious in nature and certainly would never be utilized to harm or kill another human being.There are many excellent books available on this great man and anybody who might be interested should certainly learn more about him !


Jack Rose