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June Cleaver

I am sorry, but you cut your mother too much slack. I too have had a 'Cleaver' life. I graduated from high school in 1963, so am in the same generation as your mom. My parents were as straight laced and conformist as any TV sitcom Dad was PTA president, Mom played the church organ, both were very active in the community. I graduated, and went to an Ivy League school.
None of this kept me from realizing that there was something very, very wrong with our institutions. From the Catholic church, and those weird priests who played favorites with some of the boys in our (catholic) troop, to the teachers who were more concerned with teaching the lessons of power and control than history and algebra.'
College was no better. Choose between the smelly stoned hippies or the drunk dumb 'hard hats' No thanks. Choose between blowhard Humphrey and Evil crooked thanks! Believe that a PT boat attacked a thanks!

What makes one person wake up and open their eyes while the majority motors on in happy ignorance? i have no idea. I am beginning to think that Doug Casey is right; it is a genetic mutation!
But your mother had choices to make and CHOSE to stick her head in the sand and believe.
But, to his everlasting credit shortly before he died at age 89, my Dad, a lifelong Republican, registered as a Libertarian.

Malo Periculosam Libertatem Quam Quietum Servitium
On y soit qui mal y pense