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Comment: "American history has selectively excluded Nikola Tesla" Right

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"American history has selectively excluded Nikola Tesla" Right

I'm probably older than most here, I am noticing more and more history that once was taught in schools is being redacted or rewritten. Another post on here recently was about the Mound Builders, seemingly deleted from the history books? The Balfour declaration? Mexican American War? The cause of WWI? The USS Liberty? The trail of tears? Thomas Woods has pointed out the same thing with his book, the politically incorrect guide to American history. In the old USSR this was the common practice, any history not deemed supportive of the government was simply changed or deleted. Star Trek even did humorous spots where Chekovs Russian education showed how they manipulated history, Good reason IMO to get rid of the Department of Education, or at least rename it to the Department of re-education, LOL