Comment: Yeah this sure is one of those mysteries

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Yeah this sure is one of those mysteries

OK so from the native side, there doesn't seem to be a strong consensus. They are "the old people from under the ground". Some of us believe they are us, some of us believe they were an entirely different species. One thing people seem to agree on is leave them alone. Don't disturb their earthworks and bones. There is an element of fear.

In some tribes they are not spoken of in words or even by gesture. You aren't even really supposed to THINK about them cause that will make their spirits curious and they will come around bringing something not good. And there it is. I don't want to say another word on that thought-line. I got enough troubles as it is.

But still it's something to wonder about and it leaves a bit of mystery in life. Why did they do as they did and where did they go? Who were these people communicating to? Clearly whatever they wanted, they wanted it a lot. Did they get it?

Maybe the one thing I can share was before Hopi got locked down, when us "bahanna" could still attend dances, there are Katchina that look for all the world like dudes in space suits and I was told no Katchina is in any way symbolic or alliterative, THIS IS EXACTLY THE WAY THESE PEOPLE APPEARED TO US. So basically there's been some freaky doings on this planet, won't even bother to try convincing you I understand what it means and if I ever find out I'll write a book about it.

Maybe just this one thing...there is this feeling of connection. Like these mound people are friends or family in some way or we are related by the Oyasin concept. If they were evil I'm sure we'd be having a lot more problems from them. The thing, the taboo about the deceased is a GENERAL PRINCIPLE. In GENERAL you don't want dead anything around. Causes troubles. We're supposed to let the dead move along in peace.

They are the people from under the ground. And there's supposed to be another order of being waiting it's time to emerge. We can "see" them sleeping under the ground but we have absolutely no clue what they will look like when they emerge or what their agenda will be.

Lotta stuff we don't know eh?

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