Comment: Being AMBASSADORS vs. agitators

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Being AMBASSADORS vs. agitators

People need to pay heed to this piece of feedback:

"He said that conspiracy theories and people in tin foil hats damage our movement... he had previously come to one of our rallies and said those people turned him off to us. He mentioned a friend of mine who was respectful and wore a suit, saying that we should follow his example because he was willing to listen to him."

If you are trying to educate the mainstream "sheeple", do you think the best way to do it is by looking like a homeless person and bopping them over the head with the message and a bullhorn?

Or, is it to EMULATE RON PAUL, and be a well-groomed and patient AMBASSADOR?

Do you drink from a firehose? No.

So, why do you assume that the mainstream sheeple would? Because when you are being an impatient radical, that's how you feed them.

It does not work.

Being a Ron Paul AMBASSADOR, emulating Ron Paul himself, DOES work.