Comment: Is your mother religious?

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Is your mother religious?

Talk to her about the fact that self-delusion is a sin and "not knowing" does not exempt one from judgement of that sin before the pearly gates because the teacher (Jesus) was already sent and crucified in an attempt to wake people up.

Self-delusion is STILL LYING. There is no exemption from lying to yourself, knowingly or unknowingly. Jesus taught the truth. Ignoring it willfully or unwittingly is a sin if you believe in Him.

Then show her the video of the air force picking off Iraqi women and children like in a video game and ask her how knowingly killing women and children is pro-life. Clusterbombing schools and hospitals in Pakistan and Afghanistan? How does that fit in? In fact, is that not the very essence of what Pope John Paul II called the "culture of death"? Is it any less despicable than abortion? And then how those guys are not prosecuted for doing so?

When the NAZIs did such things how did her parents feel when they read about it in the paper?

Nazis can't do it but we can? Self-delusion. I.e. it is sinful to try to ignore these things.