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That's apparently the term for what seem to be "out of place artifacts." ( I've always been fascinated by this subject, though I wasn't aware of the prevalence of such discoveries across America, including the Northeast. It seems clear there are major holes in our understanding of world history. I appreciate the guy's bringing his personal discoveries in New England to light. But I don't happen to like his attitude, and he jumps to conclusions with no basis whatsoever. While we obviously haven't been told the truth about America's history insofar as, for one, these stone mounds, it's as likely out of ignorance of how to explain them as a conspiracy to not give native Americans their due, no less when we don't even know who built those mounds. He also has no reason to believe the people who did build them were all about peace, love, and harmony, at least by today's standards. Some ancient peoples with advanced knowledge practiced human sacrifice and cannibalism. Btw, ever hear of Coral Castle?

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