Comment: YES, I am promoting this IDEA of BITCOIN!

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YES, I am promoting this IDEA of BITCOIN!

Now, wouldn't you agree that PROMOTING Ron Paul's ideas is different from "marketing" his IDEAS?

I am not marketing "my" bitcoins... there are no such things as "my bitcoins" I have even made that clear in several posts... even suggesting that such "ownership" may not even exist at all.

I have nothing to SELL to YOU or ANYONE! I am POSTING things for EDUCATIONAL purposes, trying to EDUCATE!

I guess that can be construed as a kind of "promotion" but I fail to see how that is different from the "promotion" and "marketing" of gold/silver by commenters, when I only really wish to have people UNDERSTAND the new ideas of Bitcoin.

If I didn't have to constantly reply two wayward, unrelated questions, and allegations of SPAM-ing etc... I would post be posting less.

The only thing I noticed, and perhaps you can see from my posts, is that simple bitcoin "news" and "info" was ATTACKED by who knows who! There was active DOWN I made the POST about exactly THAT issue, learned a lot in the process, and added the post about how Bitcoin post don't get traction here... interestingly THAT was the post that got MOST TRACTION! :)

Funny! :)

Oh, and before bigmikedude told me about "threads" I may have misunderstood the posting practices here altogether.

AZjoe... I will answer in full to your question earlier, I thank you for your explaining things, and if I sounded coarse and accusative in my "quick" response to your well written and detailed response, I am sorry. Really. I wish to have a nice, and well researched response to you, and now that I quickly checked your profile I see that you are also one of the "good" guys doing good things here. and I have probably benefited from a lot of your "work".... this is the first time I got totally involved here, and have gone a bit over-board and zealous :) But that is really just EXCITEMENT... and a bit of lack of sleep...

So, please understand, I am not "marketing" in the sense that I am trying to sell. I appreciate ALL YOUR COMMENTS, thanks!

Just plain 'Happy'about the direction the world is taking! Especially if we live to reach LEV [Longevity Escape Velocity]