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It cannot be exchanged without being monitored by some kind of system.
It cannot be passed onto future generations without someone or something knowing all about it.
If government forces decide to pass a law that allows it to fully monitor every transaction, no more anonymity.
It is forever dependent upon an artificial life form that could change or even disappear over time.
With gold, there is no way for an overbearing power or government (who may not be desired) to ever track it, attain it, or even find the place where it's buried it without approval by its owner. Those are some of the reasons that keep powerful entities from becoming ALL powerful.
Further, that gold will still be gold 5,000 years from now.
If you secretly find or dig up an old lost gold coin from 1810 on your land, its yours. Not one person needs to know about it. You can give it to one of your kids before you die and the government can't tax it. It can be exchanged as payment for something to someone you trust and the government can't tax it.