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"Look at Dr. Paul he voted against every single bill like this and look what it got him."

It got him at minimum 4 times, even more, the support since 2007. It got him the r3VOLution, which continues to GROW.

It got him us understanding that sticking to principles is far better than compromising down to the ptb.

Lowering our standards, even temporarily, for political gain will diminish what we stand for. We can not afford to take 2 steps back ever again.

Our time has come. Ron Paul is in the media. He is heading C4L. He will be speaking at college campuses, and I will ASSURE you that his words will be the same.

Ron Paul, those of us who hold our work dear to our hearts, there is no 'strategy', other than to continue teaching and practicing and DOING what is right.

Alterior motives, for however well intended, will certainly invite corruption, or at the very least split us up again [remember gj, remember Tampa].

Lastly, if Rand fits your bill and how you envision our Republic and what it stands for, vote for him. If he does not, then don't. I will NEVER align with the establishment, for that is what I oppose. It must be taken over. Period.

Ron Paul: "The parties are going to linger because they’re locked in by law." Seems to me that supposed NDAA 'amendment' is a perfect example of this, when all they had to do was stricken that language [section 1021, etc] in accordance to the Constitution.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul