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I am glad you asked!

What is this discussion about?

Are you familiar with your 'third eye' or pineal gland? Otherwise known by the Eye of Horus, the All Seeing/All Knowing Eye, or the Eye of the Illuminati on the back of $1 USD.

This eye signifies knowledge, that there is no darkness to what appears unknown. This 'knowledge' or 'sacred wisdom' which composes most of the discussion regarding the topic of ancient aliens or egyptian technology is usual regarded as something beyond our world.

The ancients advanced knowledge has long been a secret.. but I do believe I have cracked the connection between their increased awareness and our lacking of perception. Their process of skull enlargement essentially made not only their brain mass larger but also their central core glands larger which created enhanced understanding.

The Pineal Gland itself is responsible for hallucinations, dreaming, and near death experiences. The psychoactive ingredient among the many other chemicals released by the pineal gland in our dream liquid is known as DMT.. or Dimethyltryptamine.. in which the result of this release is a psychoactive affect.

When we dream, we see without our eyes being open. That is your conscious awareness or your third eye vision... when we become are of this 'sight' and adhere to it's knowledge, we gain greater connections to the spiritual world we have been hidden from.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.