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Not possible.

Well, I suppose anything is possible, but all the evidence confirms amateur pilots at the controls; flight recorder data, radar tracks, ATC recordings, eyewitness accounts. The 270 degree turn at the Pentagon, for example, is evidence of a visual approach, not a remote controlled approach.
Besides, the more complicated you make any conspiracy theory, the less likely it occurred. Anyone evil enough to plan 911 would be smart enough to allow as few in on it as possible (a good reason for no CD).
Regarding entry point in the Towers, keep in mind the perimeter walls were only 3/8 to 1/4 thick in the impact areas, and they broke at their connectors upon impact. Also, consider the mass of the airframe (primarily the deck structure, just below the seats) and of the wings laden with fuel. This puzzled me for a time, until I studied the entry holes closely.

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