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I am familiar in a vague sense with the sacred geometry, I actually designed a building once for class in the shape of a Nautilus shell and it had such rhythmic beauty that I couldn't explain 3 years ago.. but now it makes sense..

Perception of spaces, changes, rhythms and movement are all algorithmic in principle. The continuance of patterns promotes expectation and indicates subjected understanding - that whole, if i turn around is the wall still there - thing. Patterns are not unique to architecture but also our daily lives - perceiving the same cause and effect over and over will condition someone to expectations of the same. If there is a change, it could be detrimental.

I believe thought patterns are behavioral and behaviors are environmental - this argument can be made on any level and even to the dim extents of drug addiction.. over a period of 'having' we eventually begin 'wanting' even when the thing itself is not necessary.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.