Comment: put up your real name and identity so you can be held

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put up your real name and identity so you can be held

accountable for future bitcoin prices

since you are pushing it, obviously you already own it, which means whether you admit this being a sales pitch or not, this will benefit you financially when people follow you into the market, especially considering this is still like a penny stock, new infusion of cash will have tangible effect, it's not like you're pushing some global commodity already hot and nobody cares if someone listens

so it's a logical thing to ask for--your name and identity. with profit comes risk. profit of your bitcoin holding going up, versus loss of privacy when people hold you accountable because they lose everything they put into bitcoin--profit and loss, i don't think it's illogical to ask of your real name.

many gold pushers, example peter schiff and jim rogers, are well known house hold names and they put themselves out there. bitcoin people always hide behind a computer screen with forum alias. don't feel it's too convenient?