Comment: In the case of a loss of all Power . .

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In the case of a loss of all Power . .

And digital communications, over a wide area, for a prolonged periods of time, I was told by Haze, that -

Bitcoin is just math. You don't need a computer to store numbers, you can print them out, and send them via mail.

A couple of key words there, "Print them out"? With what, and from what, You have no power? . . So the codes are in your head? . . Can you please answer this then.

Who, Is going to accept that as a form of payment, will they be willing, in the case of having no power, to accept the code? How will they authenticatic it, and will they be willing to wait for as many days, weeks ,months, it takes for the power to come back on to receive payment, or can they pass on the code to some one else as payment, how will they then authenticate it, and will they trust it?

In the case of no power, and no electronic communications, I would believe that most, at least I would be, taking cash on demand! and don't see how you would be able to faithfully use bitcoin, people I believe, would not trust it, in that case, making them worthless/useless. Please, show me how I am wrong?

We are simply trying to expose the fact, that, there are flaws with bitcoin that you cannot avoid, So make you own mind up, while also understanding the risks.