Comment: This is a true story: I had a

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This is a true story: I had a

This is a true story: I had a tea party guy out to my place for a meeting the other night. He and his wife are non-establishment and are helping us take over our local GOP.

I asked what he didn't like about Ron Paul, as they both seemed to understand economics to a degree and have a liberty mind-set. They are deeply religeous however. I couldn't tell if they were Christian or Jewish and didn't ask the particulars.


That was his answer. He says that in the scripture, we are to defend Isreal in the last days. I asked what about the innocent women and children we were dropping bombs on in order to kill the occasional terrorist. He cut me off (politley) and said "They aren't innocent. They aren't innocent."

I can tell you without a doubt that it is a holy war for these people and that Muslims are the enemies of God. He did at least conceed that the "way" we were defending Isreal might be doing more harm than good, but he felt it was a good thing that the Gaza Strip was a concentration camp and that Muslims were being exterminated...(though he admited he felt most of this was Palistinan lies to drum up international support for their evil.) When I brought up that if there was a God, surley genocide was not the tool he would want his followers using against others. He agreed and said it was a tool only God could use (and had because people are so evil).

I can't speak for everyone, but at least for some... this holy war explains the complete and unconditional support of Isreal. It is a biblical command. Im sure a bunch of religeous folks will chime in about how misguided this guy is... and that it has nothing to do with their religeon. But for this guy, and my guess is, a whole lot more just like him, this is why our nation has become Isreal's bitch. I don't know if this is Zionism or just Christian fanatisim, but I can resonably say that this is why there will never be world peace. This guy sees no problem with Isreal's Government doing to Muslims what Nazi's once did to Jews. It is the will of God.

Ah religeon. The great divider. The broodmother of hate, intolerance and war.