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The "gate-way" drug argument is a myth

Saying "marijuana is a gate-way drug" is little more than a poor justification for an unjustifiable law. There is no such thing as a "hard" drug and a "soft" drug. These are arbitrary, meaningless classifications used to hypocritically demonize certain drugs. Hardness has to do with a material's resistance to abrasion, not how offensive it is to prohibitionists.

There is no sane or logical justification for marijuana prohibition. NONE. Drug prohibition, particularly marijuana, which grows abundantly on the Earth and has been used as a food and medicine for thousands of years, is the STUPIDEST LAW THAT HAS EVER BEEN WRITTEN AND ENFORCED. I mean this with 100% confidence. The war on drugs is the stupidest thing mankind has ever done (with a possible exception for slavery, but the two are not mutually exclusive).

Authorities, having no logical argument for their prohibition, had to come up with these stupid psychology terms as an attempt to "scientifically justify marijuana prohibition. This theory has been debunked over and over again, yet people still promote this prohibition propaganda. Alcohol is found time and again to be the first intoxicant people are exposed to. Some people use different intoxicants after alcohol and some don't. Other skip right to the so-called "hard" drugs from the beginning.

By the way, cocaine is not a big deal. At all. There are literally hundreds of other chemicals that have very similar effects to cocaine that humans use "legally" with hardly a second guess. Saying "it's no surprise to anyone that cocaine is an illegal substance" just shows that you are detached from reality. Human actions that harm other people are supposed to be illegal. Not inanimate goods and certainly not peacefully and voluntarily consuming and exchanging these goods. Every drug, without exception, has positive and negative side-effects, including water, which is fatal if over dosed. Making some of these drugs illegal, and assigning different punishments for each chemical, is hypocritical and moronic. It is the epitome of anti-intellectualism.