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Imagine this scenario. You have been fighting for the cause of liberty, you did what you could to get Ron Paul elected, you shouted "End the Fed" at the top of your lungs at many rallies and protests.

The current government continues to grow, the Federal Reserve continues its stranglehold on those in charge. They grow weary of these peons in the US giving them a bad name. So they push their bought and paid for politicians to pass some laws. They crack down on these liberty lovers and, just like they did in Missouri, they designate you a potential terrorist.

Now they start coming for everyone. Word gets out on these boards...GET THE HELL OUT!

People start to scramble for the exits, some stay and fight to their deaths as they are portrayed by the media as domestic terrorists out to destroy America. Those that make it to the airport find out once they get there that traveling with large amounts of money makes them suspects. Anyone with gold is automatically singled out and investigated. The borders get locked down as cars are checked and gold and dollars are confiscated.

you had a backup plan of buying Bitcoins. You keep a good amount in a few different addresses, paying with cash anonymously through some place like Bitfloor. You book a flight to some vacation destination. At the border you carry your minimal amount of cash for your "vacation" along with swim suits, sun screen, etc. Typical American, no domestic terrorist here carrying large amounts of cash or gold.
You get to your destination, book another flight to your new home of choice. Arrive, boot up your Bitcoin client and enter in your private key that you memorized or e-mailed to yourself in an encrypted message or just wrote on the inside of your shoe. You have full access to all of your funds in the local currency or you can just pay for things in Bitcoin.