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In addition

you fail to note the fact that there is such a thing as translation error, which makes it really easy for you to go and quote the KJV liberally. While it's beautiful, the fact is, it ain't the best translation out there.

I should also point out that *none* of your "proofs" of Biblical contradiction actually affect doctrine at all, meaning that they can almost certainly be written off as simple translation errors, which invariably occur. With all due respect - and I do respect the attention to detail of the authors - the fact is, these supposed "contradictions" are making a mountain out of a molehill.

Honestly, if the best you can do is pull out translation errors for "proof" of biblical failing, my faith has been greatly strengthened. Thanks. ;) I'm gonna go give some deer a dose of .30-30 in a few days, then eat their flesh, which will taste very good. I embrace my meat-eating.