Comment: I agree with positive attitudes on our side.

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I agree with positive attitudes on our side.

I agree with positive attitudes on our side.

If she takes now the stand to denounce corruption, moral hazard, and the ongoing deception of this MONO-PARTY political system - because THERE ARE NO DIFFERENCES beyond purely rhetorical ones between Dems and Reps as I see it, then we should support her as long as she defends The People to return to the founding texts.

And while this is a very strong requirement, I sure wouldn't be one to say this isn't worth for us to bring this on the table for her, and all others, who want to restore peace and prosperity.

INDEED : WE MUST educate as many people as we can, especially "politicians".

BUT ! BE VERY WARY of all those, despite our informed educational efforts based on FACTS we can see and THE LESSONS OF HISTORY, who will - STILL - want MORE government prerogatives, regulations, and more laws.

This is The Law Perverted VOMIT of legions of NON-SENSICAL or downright WRONG texts that The People cannot even READ before they're made into laws ... that KILLS Liberty.

This is Ron Paul's legacy :

to be faithful and truthfully INFORMED about the founders' principles and of sound economics.


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