Comment: "This Couldn't Be More Differant Then Gary..."

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"This Couldn't Be More Differant Then Gary..."

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1. No such thing as a Liberal Libertarian.. There are classical Liberals and they would not support Gary.. the ones who supported Gary were faux.. end of story.

2. True Conservative Republicans would only support someone like Ron Paul.. again.. the ones who would support Rand are neocons repubes.

3. And the diehards would support someone LIKE Dr.Paul.. not a weak assed imitation such as Gary and potentially Rand.

"for a win at any cost? Anyone with a right mind knew that Gary was gonna lose. They just wanted someone to vote for that possibly would make there vote count."

And that's exactly why their vote didn't count. It showed the establishment that they could put a fake ass "libertarian" up for a second time and they'd get suckers.

Your "style" of voting has been done to death.. all it's going to do is possibly postpone people moving to a lead-based voting system and that's about it.. cause when these asstards get into office, they'll turn on Liberty and it will be on.

So keep fucking around.

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