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At this point

The only way you could conceivably do that is to present iron clad verifiable proof that somehow the laws of physics did not apply that day for some reason.

That is not realistic though, in effect what you are asking is for discerning people to outright dismiss existing evidence which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that is was some form of controlled demolitions because some other circumstance might exist.

You approach is flawed, what you yourself need to do is first ask.

Was free fall exhibited in the fall of B7?


What can cause global symmetric collapse?

Zero resistance, or the removal of anything offer resistance instantaneously over all supporting structures.

Can this happen due sporadic fires which vary in intensity and size?

No, this is impossible, all fires would have to be of the same intensity over every square foot of each and ever floor.

What else can cause this?

Forced perfectly timed removal of all support/resistance.

This leaves only planned destruction the building with professionally placed and executed explosives.

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