Comment: Titanic....while staged was hardly the first.

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Titanic....while staged was hardly the first.

Titanic...I know many who are thinking now. "Are you kidding me? It was an accident! Can't you people give it a rest?"

You just start looking into the titanic and you will see. The nail in the coffin for me was the national geographic issue about the titanic several months back. It had a blurb saying icebergs that break off of Greenland never travel to that low of latitude before completely melting. The titanic sunk around the same latitude as New York and it was April. There would have been no chance for an iceberg especially a large one to that latitude. In fact, they say it had to have help from "unusual moon activity"....right....sounds like the magic bullet theory to me. There were no eye witnesses that saw the iceberg. Some survivors described it like an explosion. The Lusitania sunk 3 years later by a torpedo. I think a torpedo from a sub brought down the titanic too.