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Excellent post from skinnytallguy12!

The military is full of principled men like him.

It takes a man of great inner strength to offer his
life for his country--even when that country doesn't
adhere to its own laws and constitution.

Unfortunately, it is sad that these men's Commanders-In-Chiefs
since Kennedy haven't been as principled.

As I was about to turn 18, the Vietnam (undeclared) War
was winding down. I began the procedure to become a
conscientious objector. I was also preparing to move
to Canada. I believe in: "Thou shalt not kill", and
"As you sow, so shall you reap." I saw no upside in
going to a foreign country to kill its citizens.

When I received a very high number in the lottery, I
was quite relieved that I neither had to file as a
CO or move to Canada.

But skinnytallguy12 is right. Let your conscience be
your guide. Each of our paths in life are different.