Comment: Yes, the USA may very well collapse ... BUT

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Yes, the USA may very well collapse ... BUT

Yes, the USA may very well collapse ...

... BUT I'd kindly point out to our Russian observer friends that if TPTB crooks, thieves, traitors, and criminals get defeated eventually - God Help ! - it won't be long before the USA becomes a superpower again, and a peaceful and very prosperous one at that, that time around.

See, here is the United States of America People's ULTIMATE WEAPON AND SHIELD AGAINST TYRANNY :

That's THE ONE the TRAITORS are still so busy stealing from The People. Or even - destroying.

But as long as THERE IS IF ONLY ONE MAN defending and using that weapon and shield in this country ... the USA cannot die.

Just wait till The People get their foundations back.

The collectivists and their central planners - FILTH OF HUMANITY - BETTER NEVER SHOW UP - EVER AGAIN, then.

Dear Old Russia :

you BETTER choose which camp you support - or at least whom you won't fight against - NOW.

For The People WILL remember.


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