Comment: Why pretend that this video of WTC-7 is somehow neglected?

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Why pretend that this video of WTC-7 is somehow neglected?

Just look at the front page of and tell us that. Heck, that video was the one that really broke the story of WTC-7 wide open because it shows things so clearly. Unlike the twin towers, which collapsed in a sophisticated top-down demolition, WTC-7 collapsed as controlled demolitions normally do: from the bottom, cutting support progressively with well timed charges so that it gives the appearance of the building being sucked into the ground -- a bottom-up failure mode. Yes, there are times when upper sections move a bit faster, but the overall progression is clear.

There's a lame explanation floating around that the building was collapsing into underground structures -- but no companion explanation as to how such damage below could have occurred, when all sources of demonstrable damage were in upper floors.

Another feature of this video you might like to explain is the column of exploding windows near the right edge of the building, at about 0:50 in the video. It's very much localized to an area on the opposite side of the building where the penthouse was. They blow out considerably before an alleged compression wave from a floor above crashing down could account for them. And they are so localized as to force the question of why ALL windows at each level didn't blow out at the same time.

I have several other points that are better presented in a "top level" comment, coming forthwith.