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Cordial question for Mr. Costas

Cordial question for Mr. Costas.

Mr. Costas, are you :

1. a moron

2. a media-egotistic attention male prostitute

3. a U.S. Constitution hater

4. an ObaMARXist TOOL

5. awaiting a nicely juicy cash advance for your zealous propaganda end-of-year bonus

6. all of the above


Mr. Costas : it's people like you who grind America down.

So, before banning guns, how about doing us a favor and relocating yourself to North Korea ?

You'll love it : they don't report anything of what you find so sad and worrisome because of guns.

Oh wait. They can't report anything anyway.


Still : please feel free to relocate there.

I'll give a dollar to help you for that.

Without even pondering for a second.

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