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Comment: How is that out of context?

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How is that out of context?

He could have stuck with facts, left his opinion out of it. WHY would he not advise it - he is a doctor in a field where it is the most effective treatment for a blinding condition. Is it because he was in the context of "politics" in your mind? If so, that is my exact point. People who KNOW one thing will say ANYTHING as a politician. Your capacity to make excuses for his dishonesty is sad, to decide that I am being "disingenuous" for noticing is almost funny.
At any rate, I am done pointing out Rand's neocon ways. There are still good people here with good ideas, I will stick to those conversations where something may be gained. Vote for Rand and whatever lie he "needs" to tell to win, I will not be participating in that game.

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