Comment: Too little too late? My ARSS!!

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Too little too late? My ARSS!!

Ron Paul and the liberty movement will NEVER be done until we restore this free republic to constitutional government and end the establishment criminal activity. And if you don't believe that...shame on the mess.
It has never been about one man being elected to office. But rather a change in the way this country has been heading under the globalist corporate bankster plan that has been destroying our liberty for decades. So to believe we will just go away because Ron Paul was blatantly cheated along with the rest of us is a fool hearted ignorant belief. I for one have been fighting this battle for decades, and have seen far greater setbacks than this with no real retaliatory shift in support of the movement such as the present will of educated people to take back the political control of a party.
Thank you Nevada for standing tall and making a difference.
In Liberty
Tumbleweed Steve