Comment: Mike Adams is an idiot and a snake-oil salesman

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Mike Adams is an idiot and a snake-oil salesman

1. Thimerosal is being phased out as a preservative. It is not because of any proven link between autism and vaccines, but because of the persistence of the myth.

2. A tiny bit of formaldehyde residue in a solution is harmless. Formaldehyde is metabolized readily by the body. In massive doses formaldehyde can be toxic (i.e. if an alcoholic drinks a bottle of methanol) but in small amounts it is nothing to worry about. It is relatively common in nature and unavoidable.

3. "Feeling a headache after a vaccine? That's the chemicals eating your brain."

This claim is so stupidly dishonest that it deserves special attention apart from the other stupidly dishonest claims Mike Adams routinely makes. A side effect of every known drug is listed as "headache." This is because at any given moment it is extremely likely that at least a certain percentage of the population will develop a spontaneous headache. Your brain doesn't even have any pain receptors. A headache is a result of a vasodilation in the meninges (the membranes that cover the brain). Claiming that the vaccines cause a headache because the "chemicals are eating your brain" is plain fear-mongering.

4. Vaccines aren't being used to depopulate the Earth and cause "brain damage and infertility." If this was the goal, then it is such a big failure that we should laugh at the culprits. Vaccines have been such a success on the long-term that they have kept a significant portion of the population alive that otherwise would have succumb to disease. We are starting to see in increase in many diseases because medicine is advancing and weaker people are living longer.

Do they have a certain amount of side-effects and negatively affect a certain percentage of the population? Yes. This is true for every single medical treatment, without exception (including doing nothing). This is why vaccines should not be mandatory. But they are still a good idea.