Comment: Go ahead and start with gold...

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Go ahead and start with gold...

..if you like.

It's your money after all. And gold is shiny and pretty and compact and easy to carry. But after you score your first little "5 Dollar" tenth ounce, concentrate on silver for a while. "Junk" silver is the most beautiful of investments. For as long as it matters, it is "legal tender", and also it is easily recognizable and comes in convenient denominations. Before you buy that SECOND little gold eagle you should get at least one roll each of silver quarters, silver dimes, and silver "nickels."

Unless you are already a coin collector, DO NOT fall for any high end "sure to appreciate" numismatic gems. Numismaniacs place a great deal of value in the condition of a piece, and if you like to handle your metal (as do I) you risk destroying at least half its value with the lightest of touches.

Have fun, shop around, diversify, and don't talk too much to casual acquaintances or co-workers about your metallic savings acccount. The sheeple will turn on you as soon as they start getting cold and hungry, and they will remember what you talked about in the breakroom and they will blame YOU for the collapse because you are "hoarding strategic minerals." They'll readily turn you in for the reward. Come the apocalypse, practice looking as poor and as hungry as your neighbors. And as much as it may gall you, nod approvingly when they excoriate "those damned gold bugs who ruined the economy."

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