Comment: States all have their own laws relating to charges filed.

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States all have their own laws relating to charges filed.

In Penna. the cop would be required to file a complaint at the magistrates level where a hearing would be held to determine if there was enough evidence to proceed to a trial. I beleive there is a two year statute of limitations on this here. If the magistrate determines there is enough evidence to warrant a trial the charges then proceed to the County Court where they have 180 days to bring you to trial. This 180 day limit is usually waived by the defendant at his lawyers insistence. Most times it is a foregone conclusion if a police officer is testifying against you that you will be charged, Magistrates are incredibly biased towards police. Generally this is where the D.A. first becomes involved. The D.A. will review the charges and decide whether to proceed.
You must retain the services of a good attorney. This is a warning to you, you can put on a self defense that Clarence Darrow would envy but the Judge who is running the show as well as the D.A. will regard you as an insult to his time spent in training and will envicorate you with no regard to your rights. Once you find an attorney don't assume he's looking out for your best interest. The Court system is a well oiled machine and these guys, both prosecution and defense, work together on a regular basis. Research all motions suggested by them before agreeing to them. In Penna. a resisting charge is a second class misdemeanor and as such a conviction will keep you from ever getting a concealed carry permit. Don't mess around!

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