Comment: Yes, I opted out both to and fro

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Yes, I opted out both to and fro

Yes, I opted out both to and fro on my first plane flight since they installed the scanners in every cattle line in my city.

I said No when asked if I wanted a private feel up.

When they asked if I have any sensitive areas, I looked at him and said, - Yes, of course. They never asked where, and just proceeded to be good little statists.

In Tampa during the RNC, they also came up to me on my way home, after already going through the new Invasive grope, at 5:30am, while half a sleep, and standing while they were just announcing the initial boarding of my flight. They stated they are going to do a random swab of me for explosives. I didn't want to deal with this crap so early, stared at them and stuck out my arm. They announced at a distance, - Thank you, the results are negative. I looked at them with disgust and basically, growled. They didn't respond to that.

Also, I don't know if it had anything to do with me, but after I said I wanted to opt out (Tampa), the guy behind me opted out. His wife didn't, but he did.

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My niece is TSA. She used to adore me. Now she sometimes doesn't even say hi to me. However, I was told that she asked, and was, transferred out of the cattle lines, to do something else.