Comment: thanks celeste for the link

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thanks celeste for the link

and I will ring Carolyn up and thank her for her work. For bringing it into the public debate. I am always looking for the connection in what we put in our body and our health. The argument is that we must place a concoction of dead/active germs into our body via a toxic carrier to prevent us from getting sick (to build immunity)and I see a lot of sick folks. The rash and headache we get after the shot is our body trying to reject the poison. We get confused and visit more doctors and they "treat" us more and the spiral continues. Down

I think it is junk food. And the medical folks look at our failing health and think we need another toxin in our body to make us well. And of course it pays well too. Not enough good fats and moderate protein and way too many carbs and processed foods. I can't argue that they don't taste good and they are killing us.