Comment: see? concern for the children

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see? concern for the children

Coke is a statis.. you gotta have bucks to do coke,, bucks or connections, and this man had connections and apparently some high connections that decided they didn't want him in the game anymore. He pissed someone off.

As for kids getting coke.. that absolutely happened, as Maxine Waters asked the CIA, "Where did these black boys in the slums of L.A. get the money to buy the coke to make the crack cocaine? And who taught them? We don't have the crime records to match the amount of money these boys would need to buy all that cocaine if they all stole everything thier parents had and sold it. It just doesn't amke any sense how this is happening in my district."

There are several books about this.. Let's face it, in MSM kids get a subliminal message that to be cool, you need to smoke or snif or be involved in some dirt... that's life, messy, dirtyu, and you style it generation to generation. Very few kids are "forced" to do drugs.. they do it because of peer pressure and what they see on TV as a cool adult.. hel, we have to look no further than Adam Kokesh.. how many folks decided to try DMT because of Adam's actions of being so cool with his cool buds, in their cool crib with their cool pipes.. and finding peace, serinity together.."

So.. I think it's better to damn the sin and not the sinner.. I don't think he got caught.. I think he got put away from knowing someone who decided they didn't like him. That's the kind of power that needs to stop in America.