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Comment: This is the (in)human version of Africanized bees swarming

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This is the (in)human version of Africanized bees swarming

I see no indication that a single human being was involved in this gross slaughter of two humans ... except, perhaps, the video camera operator. I'm waiting to see what further video evidence is released.

Have a look at the crime scene with all the bullet holes in the victims' car windshield and the 18+ bullet casings located immediately in front of the vehicle.

Police investigators have interviewed 10 of the 28 officers involved ... none of those 10 fired their guns in this incident according to the video report. So, now we are looking at an average of 7-8 bullets fired by each of the remaining officers ... unless more of them didn't fire their weapons.

This has all the indications of blood sport. Getting a grand jury to write this off as justifiable homicide, or whatever their euphemism-Du-jour may be, will be a feat of mind manipulation on a large scale.

Inhuman pigs with an Africanized-bee gene splice!