Comment: then you have to go after the judge i did

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then you have to go after the judge i did

in my son case i filed a motion in superior court against the judge amazing how fast the judges attitude changed when he got bitch slapped by the superior court judge..from there on the judges attitude changed 100 percent..remember the judge has to answer to his boss who is another judge... the law is on your side use it...object to everything...i had my son defend him self no lawyers they are all part of the same 21 year old son tied them in knots...i motion them to death for a year told them lets go to trial they stalled and ignored all my request to discovery..i finally threaten them with a federal civil rights case if they didnt pony up and guess what all 3 charges where dropped in the interest of justice...bullshit i bitch slapped them they had nowhere to go with those bullshit charges on the kid. you can do the same.