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Comment: Just Another Indicator...

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Just Another Indicator...

...of the prevalence of anti-liberty belief to be found amongst this once-free populous, focused on this particular aspect of liberty...the fundamental liberty to keep and bear arms for whatever the reason.

Make no mistake, a huge percentage of 'gun owners' and of purported 'gun-rights' advocates are perfectly willing to and supportive of ceding government the power to control, regulate, restrict, prohibit, license and otherwise 'infringe' on the uninfringeable.

After-all, the NRA says this comports with the 'Second Amendment' and everyone knows that if it were not for the NRA, we wouldn't have any firearms in new america (sarcastic-puke).

That being said, why the surprise or the anger over a sports commentator who blathers the same mantra?

The day is fast approaching, boys and girls, when YOU are going to have to make a clear decision on actually fighting for liberty, or in bowing down to totalitarianism. The end-game approaches, I assess...