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one at a time

it is abundantly clear that there is a right and wrong here.

"Palestinians", better known as Arabs need to shut the fuck up, never accepting any peace treaty" israel has never accepted Palestinian autonomy. ALWAYS there have been addendum to their bullshit peace offering propaganda entirely eliminating any sovereignty. exact same strategy the west has used in the P5+1 talks. if you want to know EXACTLY how that works, see:

"ever bombing Israel" with their rockets that they make in basements. archaic and un-aimable. the free syrian army terrorists are far better armed than the palestinians thnx to britain and the us. zionist have been stirring the shit-pot murdering and stealing land in their country since the mid 19th century.

"Here, we believe in freedom and the rule of law, not in pacifism."
believe in freedom? don't support israel. this is a country that routinely holds thousands of Palestinians without trial for years. a country where you can be arrested for "rape by deception" if you didn't clearly articulate your race before engaging in intercourse with a jew. a country ACTIVELY, as in RIGHT THIS SECOND, stealing huge swaths of land. a country in which you can be arrested for trying to convert people to a different religion. a country that PUNISHES PEOPLE COLLECTIVELY... as in, someone pissed us off so we're going to destroy YOUR home even though you had nothing to do with it. and we're going to destroy your farm. ever been in a 5-10 hour checkpoint to go home for literally no reason? the list goes on.

"The reality is that Palestinians are a scapegoat for Arabs to bomb and blame Israel for all their problems."
yup. the sneaky, hollywood-owning, a-rabs were just frothing at the mouth to kill jews as a result of illogical antisemitism manifested in all gentiles.