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Comment: really, you can separate the two?

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really, you can separate the two?

These are my spiritual beliefs, these are my political beliefs?

So, Christ command; the greatest commandment, love God with ALL your heart, soul strength and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself should be kept OUT of a professing Christian politicians approach to good governance? Like an Obama, a George W., a Clinton, and all other professing Christian legislators, judges, governors and alike?

My point is, as one who personally believes Jesus Christ was 100% God and 100% man(and I respect that you may not), who also received the outpouring of God's holy wrath against all sin, and requires and pleads with all mankind to repent from their sin and turn to Him for salvation; I am offended that Christian politician after Christian leader after professing American Christian of all walks of life are pushing on the people a FALSE Christ, and the electorate doesn't have the moral fortitude or spine to doubt their leadership ability given that their Christian fruit and policy positions are wholly anti-Christ when it comes to the creation and flood account being a scientific possibility, homosexuality being an abomination in God's sight, abortion as murder of their human equal - let alone a lie being a lie, and theft being theft.

Where is our nation's moral compass then for the professing Christian voter? If it is not God's Word, or, even if your "separation" approach between faith and politics is plausible, then why are polticians identifying themselves as Christians at all?

Most of the planet believes in a Supreme Being, a Creator higher than Caesar; how then shall we lie to ourselves and say we can govern ourselves apart from thinking His natural laws(so referenced in our Declaration of Independence) are binding upon His creation.

I do not advocate a theocracy, but this "to each his own" approach to religion gets us nowhere when Ron Paul clearly derived his personal morality, career behaviors and professional accomplishments, and charge to "seek to add virtue and excellence" comes directly from his personal Christian beliefs about Jesus Christ being the Son of God in the flesh, and John 1:1 Creator of the universe and all it's inhabtants; just like our founders, and all other TRUE statesmen before him.