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Additional information

The land I am buying is in Utah, I'm currently a resident of Las Vegas. I'm paying $8,500 for the whole 20 acres! I will have to buy water rights separately but I've found some for $2,600 per acre-foot and don't imagine needing more than 1 acre foot. The land is raw, meaning that there is no municipal water or sewer. The nearest power is 1/4 mile away and the power company says it will cost $12,000 to get power to the land. I will have to put in a well so that will probably cost about $10,000 unless I drill my own in violation of Utah state law. Hopefully, I can work out a deal with a local well driller. The land is flat across the entire lot but I will want to grade some of it and fence it in.

I found a house plan online that I would like to build out there. It's near perfect for my prepper mentality. Here is a link to the home plan I want to build: I'm very good at many levels of construction so I plan to build most of this myself. I will be using insulated concrete form construction (ICF) since 6 inches of reinforced concrete can take direct fire from 7.62 rounds. I want to have a basement and make a few mods to the plans so that there aren't any first floor windows on two sides. "Think anti-siege castle" or in other words, reducing the chances of an easy breach.

I've got the heads up on some additional land in the area that is going for similar prices. It's kinda out in the middle of nowhere but still about a 40 minute drive to a decent sized city.