Comment: Diggin yer own well violates state law?

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Diggin yer own well violates state law?

Diggin yer own well violates state law? Pshaw! Komoko didn't care about state law, or what anyone else thought. He just started diggin.

Of course, his house was set alight and was gunned down as he ran from the blaze. That's how they roll in Utah!


"Smith owned Adobe Flat. He leased it to Komoko. He figured he had cheated him because you gotta have water to raise anything. There never was any water on Adobe Flat.

"Komoko dug a well. He must have gone down sixty feet. He got plenty of water. That made Smith pretty sore. He didn't like Japs anyway. The day after Pearl Harbor, Smith went to enlist. He got turned down.

"Well, when he got back, he was pretty sore. Around ten o'clock, we all started drinking. We were all drunk. Patriotic drunk. We wanted to go out to scare the Jap a little and have a little fun.

"Well, when we got there, he heard us comin' and he locked the door. And then Smith started a fire. And the Jap - he came running out. His clothes were all burning. And then Smith shot him."

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"